Details: Full-Day Session, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (lunch not included)

This interesting and informative lecture discusses the design fundamentals of border building using a wide palette of plant material. How do we effectively combine the plethora of woody and herbaceous plants available today? Design steps, color, texture, form, design principles of order, unity, rhythm, garden art, maintenance of the mixed garden, as well as mixed garden designs, vignettes, and combinations will be highlighted. Learn from an artist and keen plants woman about creating gorgeous and environmentally sound mixed gardens.

About the Instructor:

Tracy Di-Sabato-Aust is an award-winning garden designer, international speaker, best-selling author, and world class triathlete with a passion for plants and design. With over 40 years experience, Tracy has earned international acclaim as one of America's most entertaining, knowledgeable, and artistic garden writers, professional speakers, and designers. She has not only spoken extensively throughout North America at venues such as Longwood Gardens; The Smithsonian Institute; and, The Toronto and the Montreal Botanic Gardens, but her speaking and work has also taken her to Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, Portugal, Belgium, Scotland, and England. In England, she has had the honor to speak at The Royal Botanic Garden: Kew, The Royal Horticulture Garden; Wisley, The Oxford Botanic Garden; and, the English Gardening School. She is the author of three best-selling books The WellTended Perennial Garden (over 200,000 copies sold and her publisher's bestselling book ever), The WellDesigned Mixed Garden, and 50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants. Tracy is a frequent guest on local and national garden television and radio shows. She has been featured in numerous national and international newspapers such as The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph (London), The National Post (Toronto), and magazines such as Fine Gardening, Horticulture, Garden Design, & Gardens Illustrated (London).