Details: Afternoon Session, 1 - 4 p.m.

Spring isn't enough anymore. In this program, we'll look at a complete summer reset and expand those concepts to fall and holiday resets. We'll evaluate techniques and products that can reset your staff and your store for those days of fewer customers but potentially higher average sales. What product sizes do you change and on what specific dates? How do you repurpose inventory to create new containers? What does your staff need to be doing instead of dragging a hose? Benchmark your customer count and average sale for August for the past three years. You can do this with your POS or your register tapes. With that data in hand, you'll learn in this workshop when to schedule your seasonal resets and what to focus on to increase average sale.

Hagan Ace Hardware's flagship garden center in Mandarin, Florida just completed a summer reset that resulted in double digit sales increases for the month of August - with higher transaction count and higher average sale. Manager Lisa Harrison will join us in this session to explain how Hagan Garden Shops combined product reset, specific display techniques and staff incentives to drive August sales.

Also included in workshop:

  • Learn about the five biggest opportunities for your store, no matter the demographic
  • Understand your store, your problems - with solutions that don't require a bulldozer or a bank loan

About the Instructor:

Judy Sharpton is owner of Growing Places Marketing. She is a garden center design and renovation specialist with over 35 years of experience in advertising and promotion in addition to being owner of Growing Places Marketing. Since 1995, Growing Places Marketing has specialized in on-site consultations on store design, renovation and branding exclusively for independent garden centers and farm markets. Judy has served more than 300 individual independent garden centers with a wide range of renovation and new construction design services.